You can use lemon spells to break up any kind of relationship or bond, including a love relationship, friendship or business relationship. This is one of those free spells to retrieve your ex quickly. Though the relationship is over, you are still having strong feelings for him/her and you really want your partner to get back into your life. Would you like to retrieve your ex? The lemon spell is the best love spell to bring your love back. This lemon spell will help you to get your ex back by breaking his/her relationship with the third person.

Why lemon to cast the spell?

You may be wondering why lemon?

Lemon is one of the widely used elements in casting the distinct break up spells. From the past ancient times, Lemon is extensively used by proficient spellcasters to cast assorted spells. It is believed that lemon is directly linked to the elements of water or the moon and it has the power to absorb energy from these elements. 

If your partner is in a relationship with the wrong person and you are concerned about your partner, try lemon spells to break up the relationship of your partner. Few people also cast lemon spells to break up the relationship of their friends and relatives if they are stuck in the wrong relationship. 

How to cast lemon spells to break up?

The lemon spells to break up a relationship is very vigorous to break any kind of bond whether it is a bond of love, friendship or any business relationship. It gives you instant positive results in a week or a month. If you want to cast a lemon spell on a couple and you are a newcomer in this operation, I advise you take the risk only if you have full knowledge of the spell or else proceed under the guidance of adroit spellcaster. Casting spells in a wrong way may put you in danger. It can lead you in a position where spell could even harm you and your partner too. 

To the beginners, we strongly recommend not to try this by yourself, ask the spell caster to perform this activity on behalf of you. 

Lemon spells to break up 

While casting the lemon spells to break any relationship, your intentions should be clear. Always remember lemon spell does not affect only one person it affects both and to cast this spell accurately without harming anyone make sure to gain full knowledge of spell before casting it. 

In case both the couples are arguing frequently and things are not working out b/w them, then the lemon spells to break up will help by creating a distance between them. 

Lemon spell to break any relationship is safe.

Requirements in a lemon spell to break up:

  • A fresh piece of Eureka Lemon.
  • Red marker
  • Blank white sheet
  • Knife
  • Picture of couples together
  • Plastic zip bag 
  • Black thread
  • Pepper and salt
  • Black candle
  • Lighter

Steps to follow:

  • Use the knife and cut the Eureka Lemon in two pieces
  • Sprinkle the pepper and salt on each piece of lemon
  • Make the 2 pieces of a sheet
  • Write the name of men in one and women in another 
  • Fold the paper and stuff into each piece of lemon
  • Light the black candle, close your eyes and make a wish
  • Burn the picture of both couples and put ashes in the plastic bag 
  • Tie the lemon with black thread and put in a plastic bag
  • Bury the bag with the lemon somewhere in a ground where children and animals can’t reach.

For the spell to work precisely you will need to chant a mantra. Mantra is considered very effective in the process of the spell.

“Break the couple that I see

My love is away from me

A knot of disharmony and hate

Soon to part is their fate

I know my love wasn’t fake 

With this spell, I curse their love to break”

If you wish to break your relationship and your friend’s relationship with who you care about, don’t think too much, just take a step and use the most effective lemon spells to break up a relationship. 

Lemon spells to break up by using pictures

Lemon spell to break the relationship can also be performed by using the pictures of a couple, casting of the spell by using picture is said to be more effective and powerful. These ingredients are required to perform lemon spells to break up a relationship.

  • The fur of a black cat
  • Lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Black thread 
  • Black marker
  • Picture of couple

Steps to follow:

  • Write the name of the couples on with a black marker
  • Put the fur of a cat on a paper 
  • Sprinkle black pepper on a sheet of paper and fold it
  • Make the two-piece of lemon
  • Keep the paper in between the pieces of lemon 
  • Tie the lemon with black thread 
  • And buried in the garden along with their pictures. 

The fur of the cat is used to make them combat like cats so they will directly move to break up. And lemon is used to sour the relationship. 

Lemon spells to break up with a jar

If you want to separate a couple in love or if you want to break your own relationship and want to do it without persecuting anyone then there is break up spells. If you want instant and positive outcomes from the spell, the lemon spell will be the best option for you because lemon is the most powerful ingredient used in casting the spells.

If you are in a bad relationship with the wrong person or if your friend is stuck in a toxic relationship in this kind of situation try lemon spells to break up with a jar to break a relationship.

  • Take a jar with water
  • squeeze two lemons and mix it into the water
  • Sprinkle salt and black pepper into it
  • Take the paper and write the name of couples
  • On the other side of the paper write break up
  • Now burn the paper along with making a wish
  • Put the ashes into the jar
  • Ask the universe to exacerbate your wish 
  • Perform this spell at midnight.

Leave this jar outside in moonlight and On the next day throw this into the river. You will see the result within a month. 

Lemon spells to break up a relationship

Do you want to break a relationship? Are you fed up with your partner?  Is your partner cheating on you? Do you want your ex back by breaking his/her relationship?

If your answer to all the above asked questions is YES then I recommend you try lemon spells to break up a relationship. Lemon is a very powerful ingredient to break any bond easily. Lemon is used differently by different persons according to their needs. To perform lemon spells to break up a relationship following ingredients are needed:

  • 2 bush lemon
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Knife
  • Black string

Follow these steps:

  • Cut bush lemon with the help of a knife
  • Take a paper and write your name three times
  • Take another paper and write your lover’s name three times
  • Fold both papers and stuff it in each lemon
  • Now tie the black string around the lemon to fix it
  • After performing this bury lemons in a yard.

Lemon spells to sour a relationship

Lemon is mainly used by spell casters in breaking a relationship because it is considered as a powerful element that makes a relationship sour. And lemon is the only element using of which gives an instant result. Sometimes people get very much attached to the third person in this case lemon spell will help to end the relationship by making it sour. 

Follow the steps

  • Take a white sheet and write the name of the couple
  • Write the word Break-up on the opposite side of the paper
  • Take the fresh lemon and cut in two pieces
  • Squeeze the lemon and wet the paper with lemon juice
  • Fold the paper and put paper along with lemon into the plastic bag
  • Now hold this in your hands close your eyes and make your wish
  • At the end put whole stuff under the ground.

Lemon freezer spell to break up

You may use lemon freezer spell to end the relationship where your partner is cheating on you. Using this spell will make your partner regret leaving you and will be back to you. If you are a beginner you may take the help from a professional spell caster to perform freezer lemon spells to break up. 

We suggest you not to perform this freezer lemon spell for a selfish purpose because it is almost impossible to reverse the power of magic if it is performed once. 

To perform lemon freezer spells to break up a relationship you are needed with a knife, freezer, fresh lemon, black thread and a piece of white paper. 

Cut the knife and make two equal pieces of fresh lemon. Write the name of the couples whose relationship you want to break by casting this lemon spell. Now fold the paper and stuff this paper into the lemon. Put both the pieces of lemon together and tie this lemon with black thread and whisper your wish. And put the lemon into the freezer for a whole night and the next morning bury this lemon in a yard. Within a month you will get desired outcomes.