Not everyone is happy with their marriage, each person is facing an assorted complication in their married life. If you are also despondent with your own married life and want to break marriage with your partner and if your partner is not ready to break up then you may try spells to get rid of your partner. There are numerous spells to breakup marriage and it will absolutely help you to come out of your problem.

Or if you are not happy with some other person’s marriage, like if your partner is married to another person and you want your partner back in your life in this situation you may use spells to breakup marriage of your partner. If you do not want to hurt yourself in the process and want the positive outcomes, this may be possible only if you are having the right intentions. No negative energy can harm you if you have good intentions.

Spells to breakup marriage 

There are assorted spells to break up marriage. You have to pick the right spell to break your marriage according to your plight. If you want to use witchcraft spell to break a marriage we exhort you to consult the spell caster or local astrologer. If you are a neophyte in this field then it will be perilous for you to perform witchcraft spells yourself.  Here are several spells to breakup marriage. 

Witchcraft spells to breakup marriage 

You may contentedly go with this witchcraft spell to break a marriage only if you want to break relation for a good or right purpose. There are numerous reasons why people want to break their relationship. Most of the wives want to break up with their husband because they don’t care about wives and take them for granted because they know wife can’t leave them. 

If you and any of your close family member or friend is facing the same problem then you must try these witchcraft spells to breakup marriage. You can try this spell to yourself or if you don’t wanna take a risk then you may contact spell caster to perform a spell on behalf of you.

Witchcraft spell is very fruitful and its procedure is even easier but you have to take care of a few things like while performing the witchcraft activity make sure not let yourself get distracted. 

Focus is very important here. 

There are varied spells to breakup marriage with the help of Vinegar, lemon and black candles. 

Witchcraft spell to break up with lemon

Lemon is assumed to be very efficacious in casting the witchcraft spells to breakup marriage. It is the archaic and most effective spell to break up a marriage. Not every marriage is long-lasting, due to misconception and inattentiveness so many problems may arise in the married life. To break the marriage, follow the witchcraft spell with lemon. 

Substances required in breakup spell with lemon :

  • Citron lemon
  • Black string
  • Sharp knife
  • Vinegar
  • White paper
  • Red marker
  • Needle 

After assembling these substances the next step begins with a citron lemon and knife. Take the citron lemon in your hands and with the use of a sharp knife make two pieces of citron lemon. Now write the name of the person whose marriage you want to break and if you wanna break your own marriage then write your own name and your partner’s name. Write a couple’s name separately on two different pieces of paper with a red marker. After writing the names, fold both pieces of paper and stuff each folded paper into a citron lemon. Now pour out a few drops of vinegar on the inner part of the citron lemon and join both pieces of lemon. To join both the pieces together, put the needle inside from the one piece of lemon and take out from the other. Now tie lemon with black string. While tying the string around the lemon don’t forget to make your wish and after completion of this process bury the lemon into the yard.

Witchcraft spell to break up with a candle

Candles are often used in witchcraft spells to breakup marriage. With the help of candles, you can do witchcraft spell to break a marriage easily. If any of your relatives, a close friend is depressed with his/her partner or if you are fed up with your own partner and you wanna try witchcraft spell with an instants results then we suggest you go with a candle witchcraft spell. It will bestow immediate results as compared with others.

Following substances are required :

  • 9 candles
  • 1 black candle 
  • lighter/ matchbox
  • Marker
  • White sheet 

Put the candles in a circular shape and sit in the center of the candles. Put the black candle in front of you, light all the 9 candles around you also including the black one. Now take the marker and write the name of the person whose relation or marriage you want to break, on the paper and tear the paper apart and burn the paper on the black candle with chanting the spell. 

Witchcraft spell to break up with vinegar

Vinegar is predominantly used in breakup spells. It is believed that it has a greater effect on witchcraft spells. It is one the best witchcraft spells to breakup marriage.

Following material are required in vinegar spell to breakup marriage

  • Vinegar
  • Jar or bottle
  • White paper
  • Pen

Take the jar or bottle, fill up this with vinegar. Take the paper and write the name of the couples with a pen on it. Now after writing the name, fold the paper and put inside the bottle or jar. Shake the bottle with chanting the breakup spells and bury this bottle into the ground and make sure it is far away from the reach of kids and animals. 

Voodoo spells to breakup marriage 

No need to worry about the negative consequences of the spell if your intentions are absolutely right. Voodoo spell is said to be very advantageous as its aftermath is always satisfactory. 

There are various voodoo spells to break up marriage.

In the first spell these materials are required :

  • Paper
  • Bottle
  • Marker
  • Vinegar
  • Florida water
  • Photo of the person

Now write the name of the couples whose marriage you want to break. Write it with the black or red marker 7 times,  now fold the paper four times towards you and put this folded paper inside the bottle. Add vinegar with an equal quantity of Florida water into the bottle. Close the bottle and shake it to activate the spell. Set the bottle on the top of a picture of a person whose relation you want to break. Keep the bottle under your bed and shake it every day until they break up.

In the next voodoo spell following ingredients are required:

  • Colored pins
  • Colored pen
  • Voodoo doll

Before starting this spell you must know the use of the different colors and what they symbolize.

Yellow color symbolize the success, green color symbolize the money, red color symbolize the power, blue color symbolize love and black color is associated with the repelling negative energies witches hollow farms.

You have to use a different colored pin as per its effect. There are customarily six colored pins you can use to indicate the phase of life where you want to focus on. If you want to focus on breaking a marriage then you should go with red color because red symbolizes love. After you have decided what phase of life you would like to change, prick the analogous colored pin into a voodoo doll. If you desire to break the marriage of your own and your friend’s, then use the red pin to prick the heart because the heart is used for remotions. 

Black magic spells to breakup marriage

Black magic is so vigorous that it can easily break the marriage without harming anyone. To keep yourself protected from any harm of black magic you have to follow spell in the right way. If you are stuck in a bad relationship or if any of your family members are in a wrong marriage then you can cast this black magic spell to break a marriage and it will also make them realize the significance of breaking a wrong marriage. Waning moon spell is said to be the most powerful and potent black magic spell to break a marriage. These ingredients are required to perform the waning moon spell 

  • 1 taper candle
  • Matchbox
  • Piece of paper
  • Small pot with 9tbsp of water
  • Hair of black cat
  • Pen
  • salt

Take the matchbox and light the candle. Write the name of the person on the piece of paper. Drop the few drops of wax on paper and also put the hair of a cat on the same paper, now mix the salt in water and stir it completely. Drip your three fingers into the water and sprinkle those drops over the paper three times. Now fold the paper once and burn paper along with the hair. While burning the paper make your wish to the moon. Don’t blow out the candle because it is said that the more candle with light, the more powerful your spell will be.  

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