if you are really fed up in a relationship and want to get rid out from suitor you may cast Voodoo spells to break up. If you are practicing voodoo spells with good intention and not for selfish means, voodoo spell will surely give you a positive outcome without any harm. A relationship is not only about living together it is about loyalty, faith, and elation. If you are not happy in a relationship, your suitor is cheating on you and if you feel like this relationship is harmful to both of you then don’t think too much, use the voodoo spells to break up a relationship. It does not only help to break the relationship but also helps to get your love back. if your spouse is having an affair with someone else, using this spell will help you to break their relationship and will get your spouse back to you. Casting voodoo spells to break up, it helps the third person to go away from your life who is interfering in your relationship.

Voodoo spells for love

If you want to break someone’s relationship to get your love back then you may use voodoo spells to get your love back. Voodoo spells to break up will work accurately if it is performed by any proficient spell caster and if you want to cast this spell by yourself then you must follow all the procedures very carefully and with full attention. 

There are various kinds of voodoo spells to break up the relationship and you have to choose the right spell accordingly to avail the desired outcomes. You can perform this voodoo spell with the help of colored pins and dolls. Different colors are used in different situations. If you are fed up with your partner and want to end your relationship then the black pin will be used, because black is a symbol of separation and hate. Same as if you want your ex or your love back in your life then the red pin will be used because red symbolizes love. 

If you are a novice in this field then make sure readout the whole;e procedure carefully before casting the voodoo spell. Because your one silly mistake can harm you and your partner. Here are the ingredients which are required to cast voodoo spells to break up.

  • Piece of a paper
  • Black marker
  • Red marker
  • Five candles 
  • Doll
  • Colored pins
  • Black string
  • Black candle
  • matchbox/lighter

Put the five candles in a circular shape. Now take the doll and prick the pin into a doll. Use a red pin if you want to get your love back, prick a red pin in the heart of a doll. Use a black color pin to prick a doll if you want to break up with your partner. Now after pricking pin as per your necessity, tie the black string around the doll three to four times and put the doll in the center of the candles and light all the candles. Take a black marker and write down the name of two persons whose relationship you want to break or use the red marker to write the names of a couple if you want them to be together. Fold the paper and put it on the doll and use a black candle to burn the doll and while doll is burning, make your wish with a piece of mind. 

Voodoo spells to break up a couple 

Voodoo spells are extensively used to break a relationship and gives a desired positive results if performed accurately. You may also use voodoo spell if you want your partner back in your life, we assure you it will give positive and immediate results. 

To cast voodoo spells to break up a couple, these following materials are required.

  • salver
  • 3tbsp salt
  • Black cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Black candle
  • Red chili powder
  • Garlic powder
  • pen

Draw a doll on the cardboard and cut it with the help of scissors. Now take the pen and to cast the voodoo spells to break up write the name of a couple on the doll for nine times. Take garlic powder and mix it with red chili powder and put this mixture in the salver. Place the doll in the salver and cover it with the salt. Light the candle and keep this at the center of the salver.

Now you can start meditation and make a wish, let the candle burn up to 9 minutes. continue urging for your wishes and at the end blow out the candle. Repeat this process continues in the gap of 9 days and keep casting this voodoo spells to break up until you get your results. After getting the desired outcomes, bury the doll or you may also throw the doll into the river.

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Black magic voodoo spells to break up

Black magic can also use in casting voodoo spells to break up a relationship. There are mainly two types of magic i.e, black magic and white magic. White magic is used for a good purpose only. 

Black magic is more powerful as compared to white magic and it gives instant results. Black magic is not always used to break a relationship, there is one such kind black magic that will help you to be in a relationship with the person you love by breaking his/her relationship with others. To cast black magic voodoo spells to break up a relationship, a picture of both couples is required. Now use scissors to cut the picture, cutting it apart indicates the separation of a people. After cutting the pictures into two parts next step is to hide these pictures, hide the pieces of pictures in your partner’s house. If he/she takes a long time to find a picture it indicates the power of your voodoo spells to break up a relationship.

Separation voodoo spells to break up a relationship

If you are married and your partner doesn’t love you anymore because he/she is in love with someone else. And you are regretting why you married him/her. Now, how you going to stay with a partner who loves someone else. No one can continue with this kind of depressed relationship. 

To overcome this kind of problem, use separation voodoo spells to break up their relationship. You can also cast these separation voodoo spells to help your relative or friend who is stuck in a bad relationship with a wrong partner. Our separation voodoo spells are specially designed to help you with this kind of problem. 

Separation voodoo spells to break up that works

If your partner is not honest with you and also having an affair with the third person. We know it becomes very difficult to convince him/her to get back into your life. If you are feeling hurt and want your partner back then you may cast voodoo spells to break up his/ her relationship with the third person. Casting this spell will break their relationship and your partner will come back to you. After casting the spell you will be happy in your life with nothing to worry about. Your partner will never come to know about reality. 

Here are the following voodoo spells to break up a relationship by using different articles. 

1.Voodoo spells to break up using an apple 

By using an apple you can cast voodoo spell to break up a relationship. To execute the spell you have to bring two apples of different colors. Try to bring one red and another golden (yellow) apple. Cut both the apples into 2 equal pieces. Cut in two pieces indicates the separation of two-person. 

Take one-half of red and other halves of yellow and bury these pieces in the yard of your partner. On the very next day throw the halves of the apples in the river. Do this in the midnight. Doing this simple voodoo spell to break up by using an apple will smoothly break their relationship. It will end their relationship and your lover will come back to you. 

2.Voodoo spells to break up by using black paint

You may also cast voodoo spells to break a relationship by using black paint. Black paint is widely used to cast black magic and it is assumed to be very strong and effective. 

These materials are required.  

  •  black paint
  •  Jar
  •  black pepper
  •  red powder
  •  hammer  
  •  Vinegar
  • Taper candle
  • lighter/ matchbox

Take the jar and write the names of the couples outside the jar with black paint. Take the taper candle and keep it into the jar. Now mix the black pepper with red chili powder and put this mixture into the jar and put a few drops of vinegar into it. After mixing everything now light the candle and make your wish. Leave this jar outside in the moonlight and next morning break this jar with the hammer and congregate all the broken pieces. Now dig a hole in the yard where you kept the jar last night and bury these pieces. These voodoo spells to break up will keep both the couples away from each other and they will never come to know the reason behind their breakup.